Rufouss's SAP Automation Experience Programme

Are you a Certified SAP Consultant eager to build a career in SAP Automation and drive your organization towards long-term success?

Automate The Impossible

AI Powered Test Factory for SAP S/4HANA Application

Join Rufouss's SAP Automation Experience Programme to prepare for the dynamic realm of Automation and S/4HANA digital transformation.

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What You’ll Gain

Expertise in SAP Automation:

Acquire skills to automate and optimize SAP business processes using advanced tools.

Certification: Obtain your Automation Certification.

SAP Cross Skill Exposure

Increase your employability and gain a competitive advantage in the global job market.

Hands-on Experience: Engage in a SAP project case study simulation to apply SAP software solutions to real-world business challenges.

Collaborative Learning:

Work in teams to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and leverage each other's strengths.

Programme Highlights

Rufouss pioneers SAP Testing Services, offering tailored services beyond ordinary standards. With a skilled team, cost-effective Test Factory, and a Center of Excellence, we ensure top-notch quality for successful project outcomes

SAP Lifecycle Understanding

Project Documentation Skills:

What You'll Do

Requirement Gathering and Analysis: Understand business scenarios, products, and complexities to address organizational challenges.



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