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Skill Development

Skill Development is the process of identification of the skills gap in youth and providing skilling training & employment benefits to them. Skill development programs aim to acknowledge the ability of the youth and extend their support by serving them with the proper guidance, infrastructure, opportunities, and encouragement that help them achieve their ambitions. Education and skills are essential for everyone, and they both walk hand in hand in everyone's career journey. They are the roots behind the economic growth and community development of a country. Therefore, both central & state governments are continuously making efforts to provide skill development to the youth with their skilling partners around the country.

The benefits of Skill Development include increased business profits, improved performance, improved accuracy & quality, improved communication, complies with rules & regulations, improved recruitment & career opportunities, and development of good customer relations.


  • Low intrinsic "aspiration quotient" resulting in low demand for vocational skilling programs.
  • Employers cite the shortage of skilled employees as a constraint
  • Skill development scenario is still evolving with different agencies handling the same agenda, absence of standards, lack of training capacity.

Rufouss Vision And Mission For Skill Development

More than half of India's population is the driving force of the economy, and at Acadecraft, we adhere to providing skill development & enhancement programs for the youth. We impart skills training and provide employment opportunities to the young workforce, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, and provide workforce solutions to the industry.

    Vision :

    To Enpower and encourage young minds giving them industry related training for enhancing the performance of their skill.

    Mission :

    • Creating Awearness generation as per industry related requirement
    • Engage with the youth at local level
    • Approaching and giving them industry specific training regarding booming technologies
    • Backward Integration with industry to identify job opportunities
    • Creating a large number of employable workforce

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