SAP End-To-End GST Solution For Business Enterprises

  • Analysis and Consultation
    The business and technology experts will examine the current architecture and the impact of GST on it. The scope of process improvement is suggested to the clients and a throughout consultation to comply with GST in all the units.
  • GST Implementation On SAP
    The Rufouss SAP team will determine the pre-required nuts and bolts of the system and the impact of GST on SAP system. After the comprehensive assessment, the team modifies the configuration in existing SAP systems or develops a new SAP system and test it rigorously. Once the implementation comes out bug-free, a deployment process is initiated.
  • Maintenance and Support
    Rufouss won’t leave its clients post-deployment. The dedicated team will periodically review the success of the compliance and put on the required efforts. Moreover, the team will provide a constant functional support to scale the GST compliance as the business advances.


E-invoicing is an enterprise business system in which Business (B2B) invoices are generated and authenticated electronically by GSTN for future usage through ERP. It is sent automatically over the internet, rather than being prepared manually (paper-based), and can be easily integrated into a customer’s SAP ERP or Third-Party System. This is to reduce human efforts & paperless works because different industries use different formats for their electronic invoices, and include creating & sending invoices in CSV, PDF, and XML formats. These updated invoices are specially simplified with web apps, while still allowing for various ERP’s & SAP Systems to process them easily.


E-Way Billing

E-Way Bill is the simplest & easiest form of Electronic Way Bill. It is a computerized unique document/bill, which is generated electronically for the specific transactions of goods from one place to another place, either inter-state (Local) or intra-state (Outside the State) and of value more than INR 50,000, required to come under the current GST statement. As if it will be mandatory for the transaction up to or more than INR 50K, at present it is valid only for a certain time and covers a distance of consignment based upon the vehicle.

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